Vote for your Bling Your Booth winners!



This past cookie season, we asked troops to show us their fun, creative side by adding some bling to their booths. Now it is time to choose the winners! Take a look at the submissions below, and ask your troop which one is their favorite. Then, place your vote here by June 19!

1st, 2nd, and 3rd place troops will win cookie credits from GSGNY. Cookie credits can be used towards Council events, trips to Camp Kaufmann, and at the Girl Scout Shop on Wall St!

Troop 2063, Brooklyn

Troop 2994, Brooklyn

Troop 3771, Manhattan

Troop 4413, Queens

Troop 4738, Queens

Troop 5145, Staten Island

Troop 5527, Staten Island

Thank you to all troops that participated in this year’s contest and don’t forget to vote!

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20 Comments to “Vote for your Bling Your Booth winners!”

  1. It would be great if you could add what borough each troop is from next to their troop number in the article.

    1. Hi Suzanne! We’ve added the boroughs next to their troop numbers. Thank you for pointing this out!

    1. Hi Lisa, Make sure your pop-up blocker is off in order for the new tab with the survey to pop-up.

  2. Awesome Daisy troop 2063. Raising money for cancer in the sales of this booth sale.

  3. Very organized setting for your yummy cookies with friendly, smiling faces! Thumbs up, 4413!

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