Virtual Meetings: A New Normal



As New Yorkers adjust to a new normal, troop meetings can offer a much-needed sense of routine to your Girl Scouts’ lives. Last week, GSGNY offered a look into 4 different virtual meeting platforms, including Zoom, Skype, Google Hangouts, and Facebook Groups. You can check out that training, including video tutorials on how to set up a meeting, on GSGNY’s Virtual Thinkific platform.

Here are a few other ways to keep your meetings on track and part of your girl’s new routine:

Keep meeting times the same. Did you used to meet at 3:00 every other Wednesday? Speak with your Girl Scouts families to check if this meeting time still works virtually. Maintaining a schedule can help girls know what to expect and will help you stay organized. Opening with the Girl Scout Promise and closing with a short song or poem can add to the regularity of each meeting.

Spend time getting to know your platform. If your girls or their caregivers are brand new to virtual meetings, plan to spend a good chunk of a meeting getting to know the ins and outs of your chosen meeting method.

Set ground rules. Since everyone is at home, girls may be doing some badge work on their own or with their families. Explain to girls what is expected of them, such as badge requirements they are working on, and when you will review these requirements. Will you send instructions via email, through a messaging app like GroupMe or Remind, or through a Facebook Group? Make sure girls and their families have the information they need to succeed!

Lastly, use your resources wisely. The world wide web is full of free activities, virtual tours, and educational games that can support your troop as they work win a badge or journey. Some resources available are Google Arts and Culture, virtual tours of NYC Parks and National Parks, and National Geographic Kids.

In these unprecedented times, we are all doing our best. Take your time with these adjustments and remember to be considerate and caring with your troop and yourself!

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