Rock your Booth!



Prepare your Girls

Prepare your girls for common customer questions, such as “what varieties are there?” or “what’s the cost of a package?” Practice with your troop by letting girls role-play a booth event, girls can ask about cookie flavors, allergies, and learn how to make change. This can help girls build their people skills, and they’ll be prepared to speak confidently with customers. Remember, “please and thank you” goes a long way!

Bling your Booth

Time to get creative! Girls can create clear and colorful posters or signs to grab people’s attention and let them know Girl Scout cookies are here! Little Brownie Bakers has great resources to create a fun booth display, like table-tents for all the cookie varieties. Make sure your troop is wearing their Girl Scout gear so customers can easily recognize them!

Get Organized

Once you have been approved for a Cookie Booth in eBudde, figure out which girls are helping out at the booth and make sure their families know the date, time, and location. Bring a cash box and start-up cash to make change, and have girls help count packages before the sale and after the sale. Check out this Cookie Booth tracker to keep things running smoothly!

Take advantage of CouncilSponsored Booths!

Your troop can take advantage of the Manhattan pop-up shop and use it as their very own store front! The pop-up shop is stocked with cases of cookies, which means you and your troop can focus on building entrepreneurship skills and having an awesome booth sale! Located on the corner of 101st St and Lexington Avenue, you can choose a date and time, between March 8th and April 28th, on eBudde. Once you are logged in, go to Booth Site> Council Sites > New York, NY > Manhattan Pop-up Shop. Then choose the date and time slot that works for your troop, fill in the information and submit!

Have a fantastic rest of your cookie season, and don’t forget to hashtag #GirlScoutsNYC and tag us @girlscoutsnyc when sharing photos/videos of your cookie booth!

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