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Whether this is your troops first overnight in a backyard or their 10th trip to camp, overnight trips require a little extra planning. Training, GIRL-led planning, and organization are all ways to ensure your troop has a fun and safe overnight trip!

GIRL-led Planning

Girl Scouts can help plan the overnight, and can take on more responsibility the older their level. With Daisies or young Brownies, you may provide a few general ideas and the girls can vote. Brownies and Juniors can take time to brainstorm where they might like to sleepover and why this is the best choice. Cadettes, Seniors, and Ambassadors can go a step further, researching location, cost, and what kinds of activities they would like to do on the overnight. The Trip Planning Tip Sheet is available for you and your girls to help get your ideas down on paper.

Once you and your troop have worked out the details, share this information with their parents and guardians. You can hold a brief parent meeting at the end of a troop meeting, making sure parents have information about trip location, duration, cost, packing list, and other important details, such as pick-up/drop-off time. Girl Scouts can present, letting parents and guardians know how they reached their decision to plan this overnight trip – after all, the trip planning is girl-led!


Any troop that goes on an overnight trip is required to have at least one registered leader who has taken Overnight Adventures and Beyond Training, and one registered adult who is First Aid/CPR Certified. If you have not taken either training, check out our events page for upcoming Volunteer Training opportunities.


Every leader has their own ways of keeping things organized – binders, folder, google docs, you name it! Keeping important information in a secure place that is easy to access will help you keep the overnight running smoothly, no matter your organization method.

A few things to keep on your person for any overnight trip:

You may also find it useful to have a few Girl Scout songs or no-supplies games, such as Telephone, in mind, especially if your troop will have some down time between activities.

Once your trip is planned, parents are aware, and you begin organizing, be sure to file a Trip Application with Girl Scouts of Greater New York and take time to reference Safety Activity Checkpoints when you are considering girl:adult ratio, safe activities for girls and more.

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