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Adult Recognitions are a formal way of saying thank you to volunteers who are committed to Girl Scouting and have made an impact in their troop, service unit, or community. As volunteers can attest, they nominate each other first hand to coordinate park clean-ups, or organize the meeting prep to help girls fulfill badge work, or spend evenings working with hopeful Gold Award Girl Scouts.

These nominations are reviewed by the Recognition Committee, then awarded at our annual Adult Volunteer & Community Recognition Event in the spring. This year, the event will be on Saturday, March 28, 2020, from 12pm-4pm in Brooklyn.

While March is quite far, the deadline for nomination submissions is December 1, and we all know how quickly time flies now that troops, school, and everything else is back in full swing. Take a moment in these next few weeks to recognize the amazing Girl Scout Volunteer in your life!

Here’s how:

  1. Review the awards: Take some time to think about the hard-working Girl Scout volunteers in your community. Then, read through the GSGNY Adult Recognition Booklet to get ideas about what awards are offered. Each award lists the criteria and nomination process, mostly focused on the volunteer’s impact and service.
  2. Submit nominations and letters of endorsement: All awards are listed with links to required nominations or letters, which are filled out and submitted online. Both nominations and letters of endorsement offer a chance for you to list all the ways the nominated volunteer is committed to the Girl Scouts mission. Check out page 16 of the Adult Recognition Booklet for tips on writing strong letters of endorsement.
  3. Notice of Award Approval: In January, you will receive a notice if your submitted awards were approved – we do not notify the nominee of the awards they are receiving, as many volunteers like to keep their nominations a surprise. It is completely up to you if you want to tell your fellow volunteer about the award!
  4. Register for the Adult Volunteer & Community Recognition Event: You have the option to attend the Recognition Event, which is a formal luncheon held in a different borough every year. More information about the event will be sent out in January. The deadline to register is March 8. It is a good idea to remind anyone who you nominated for an award to register for the event!

Girl Scout volunteers work hard throughout the year and deserve to be recognized for outstanding service! If you have any questions regarding Adult Recognitions, please email Jenna Palermo.

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