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The Leadership Institute, Powered by Girl Scouts of Greater New York is a GSGNY signature leadership program committed to developing girls with 21st century skills. The Leadership Institute serves girls in grades 6 – 12 who reside within the 5 boroughs of New York City and applications just opened—apply today!

To understand all the ways the Leadership Institute can make a difference in a Girl Scout’s life, we asked some Girl Scouts who participated in the program last year to share their thoughts about the experience. Here’s what they had to say:

Jodi, Ambassador Girl Scout:

“My experience as an Ambassador in the Business and Entrepreneurship track was one of growth.

Our group was small, but diverse, which allowed for close connections with other girls from all over the city. I was pushed out of my comfort zone during team building exercises. Winning a few of the challenges/games during our lessons gave me a small confidence boost that I think helped me to be more comfortable.

My final pitch was for a company that would help teenagers develop the skills they needed to get into the workforce. This was inspired by my personal struggles with finding employment in a field that I thought was important, like arts and culture, or publishing. For our final project, the biggest lesson I learned was to let go of anxiety and just do what I had to do to the best of my abilities.”

Tiffany, Senior Girl Scout:

“My experience in the Business & Entrepreneurship track taught me a lot about business and all the factors that go into it. My team and I created a business that helps Women in Mali to start or grow their own businesses. Our experience with creating a business really created growth in areas in us that are going to be helpful in our future and everyday lives. For example, exercising problem solving and figuring out all the factors to our business brought out resilience in all of us.

We learned how to work in teams in a productive manner because in this program we receive a lot of guidance, but we also get to do a lot of things independently as a team. We practiced communication, time management, critical thinking, problem solving and so many more skills.

My favorite part of this program was definitely [the final project] because working with my amazing team members made everything we were working on fun. Not only was it extremely fun, but learning so much in this track made me feel more empowered outside of this program.”

Amira, Cadette Girl Scout:

“My experience in the Leadership Institute was nothing like I could have imagined.

We learned how to pitch ideas and use entrepreneurial mindsets in our everyday lives. During our Field Focus Seminars at Cornell Tech we talked about what equity means and how the TV show “Shark Tank” really worked.

We had healthy debates and learned how to be leaders. No one bossed each other around and everyone was very respectful.

For my final project, my group and I made a PowerPoint about entrepreneurial mindsets and presented it in front of an audience of business leaders. We worked together and truly used those mindsets.

Some things that I have learned during the Leadership Institute is to not be afraid to speak your mind and talk about the rights and wrongs. Also, it is always okay to have a healthy debate and it’s okay to have different opinions.

The most enjoyable parts of the program included the workplace visits. The workplace visit was a true glimpse of what the real world is like.” 

Please check back next week to hear more stories of growth and inspiration from our NYC Girl Scouts, and to learn more about the Leadership Institute!

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