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This week, we hear from three more inspired Girl Scouts as they discuss their experience at the Leadership Institute, Powered by Girl Scouts of Greater New York and what it meant to them:

Nya (Middle), Jalyn (Right)

Nya, Senior Girl Scout

“I chose the Business & Entrepreneurship track because it would challenge me to come up with my own ideas to benefit people. I learned how to communicate to people in my group and, that being organized is very important when creating a business.

For my final project my peers and I created the business ‘Rugs to Riches’ to help Syrian women become independent leaders and successful entrepreneurs. Our plan was to create multiple Textile- Manufacturing workshops near Syrian refugee camps so the women can work and learn near their families.

My favorite part about the program was the college visits and the internship. I enjoyed these because they have showed me what to expect as I get older and they have taught me to start preparing for my future now.

Jalyn, Senior Girl Scout:

“I’m glad I decided to join the Business & Entrepreneurship track of the Leadership Institute. I met great friends who shared the same interests as me and learned from instructors what traits make an effective entrepreneur. I enjoyed the thoughtful discussions with our teachers, including those about the hardships women face in a male-dominated business world.

The Leadership Institute is a great program that deeply cared for us Girl Scouts and helped give us the necessary tools to become leaders. It was a great experience and I strongly recommend it to any Girl Scout aspiring to be a great leader for our future.”


Shonia, Ambassador Girl Scout:

“While participating in this program, I was a part of the STEM. track where I learned how to make a video from scratch based on an issue that we see happening around the world or in our community as a final project.

After a four-weekend session at Cornell Tech, we were able to bring our video game to life with the help of experts from the New York Hall of Science. For my final project, I made my video game to address the standard of Real Beauty. My game asserted that everyone is beautiful in their way and that they don’t have to change themselves to be “beautiful” in society’s eye.

One of the most important lessons that I learned while attending this program was coding isn’t easy, but it isn’t impossible. Creating a video from scratch is hard, but when you learn all of the little techniques that make up this large video game it becomes easier.

The most exciting part of the program was workplace visits because it opened my eyes up to other jobs within the STEM field and it was also really great to see women working within the STEM field.”

Join us next week for more incredible stories from Girl Scouts who took part in the Leadership Institute this year—your Girl Scout can apply today for 2019–2020!

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