Help! It’s Cookie Season!



Girl Scout Cookie Season is in full swing, which means your troop is learning valuable skills, like money management and goal-setting. As a leader or troop cookie volunteer, this time of year can feel a little overwhelming.

Check out these 3 tips for you to keep the cookie season going smoothly:

Be prepared: Cookie Program Webinars are available on our website to help you breeze through the cookie ordering process. Listen in to ‘eBudde 101’ or sign up to the ‘Cookie Booths and Best Practices’ webinar on February 7th to help your troop make the most of their cookie program.

Know the process: The 2018-19 Volunteer Cookie Manual is the go-to source for information on the Cookie Program process, setting up booth sales, and working with eBudde. The manual can also be found on the Volunteer Toolkit, under the RESOURCES tab, under Cookie Program.

Reach out: Your Cookie Service Unit Manager and GSGNY Council Staff are available to answer your cookie questions and support you through the entire Cookie Program! Got a question and not sure who to ask? GSGNY holds weekly Topic Calls, every Tuesday from 7:30-8:30pm through April to answer your cookie queries.

Important Upcoming Dates:

February 1st  Cookie orders are due to eBudde. eBudde will lock at 11:59pm.
February 4th ACH pull of cookie funds from troop bank accounts.
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3 Comments to “Help! It’s Cookie Season!”

  1. can someone tell me why they SWIPE twice the accounts in different days? And how i find out why those amounts? I do not understand them.

    1. Hi Nancy,

      Some booths do accept credit/debit cards, but it is dependent on the troop leader setting up a payment system for it. We are working to have a Council-wide card payment system in the near future, but for now we would highly recommend bringing cash to cookie booths.

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