Happy Birthday, Juliette Gordon Low!



For Girl Scouts across the country, today is a special day — Juliette “Daisy” Gordon Low’s 159th birthday, which is also known as Founder’s Day. It is a time of celebration for Girl Scouts, volunteers, and everyone who cares about our movement.

In founding the Girl Scouts in 1912, Juliette turned her dream into reality and her legacy has lived on for over a century across the country and, right here in New York City. In fact, this past year, our Council number ONE in membership growth in the United States! Every year, more and more New York City girls are becoming leaders, taking incredible risks, and innovating for a better future, as Girl Scouts.

Whether it’s the Tech Hoppers, who were the first Girl Scouts to become FIRST Lego League NYC Champions and compete on an international stage, or Troop 2653 bringing Menstrual Equity to 200 schools in Brooklyn, or Kayla of Troop 2054 advocating for more money to be allocated by the city for parks, New York City Girl Scouts are working to make their dreams reality, just like Juliette did. Way to go Girl Scouts!

As you celebrate Founder’s Day today and all of this week, let’s test your knowledge and see how well you know Juliette Gordon Low!

1.      What did she do every year on her birthday?

Juliette did a HEADSTAND for her birthday every year just to prove that she still could!

2.     What challenge did Juliette never let hold her back?

Juliette began losing her hearing when she was 17 and became almost totally deaf in her adulthood.

3.     Which museum has a sculpture of Juliette?

Madame Tussauds in Washington D.C. currently has a wax sculpture of Juliette, so don’t forget to pay her a visit the next time you are in the nation’s capital!

4.    What is the highest award for volunteers in Girl Scouting?
(Hint: It is named after Juliette herself.)

The Juliette Gordon Low Friendship Medal is awarded to volunteers who have enriched and leveraged the global understanding of Girl Scouting and Girl Guiding.

5.     What did Juliette sell to raise money for Girl Scouting?

Pearls! Yes, the cookies came much after, but in the early days of Girl Scouting, Juliette sold her pearls to a merchant to pay to keep operations going in the early days.

So, on this special day let’s all wish our founder – a remarkable woman – a happy birthday while continuing to honor her memory and legacy every day.

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