Earn Outdoor Badges this Summer!



Summer + Camp = Girl Scouts. πŸ’šπŸ• Camp has been a part of Girl Scouts from the very beginning, it is a place where girls try new things, engage their team-building skills, and enjoy the fresh air while making new friends. It can also be the perfect opportunity to earn an Outdoor or STEM badge!

Ambassadors: Eco-Advocate – Your troop will discover a nature issue that’s important to them, find solutions, and make a difference.

Seniors: Outdoor Art Expert – Girls will learn to see nature with an artist’s eye and create something helpful to the environment.

Cadettes: Archery – Through this badge, girls find out about archery, an exciting sport that takes strength, focus, good form, and practice (Bonus: Camp Kaufmann has an archery range with incredible, knowledgeable staff!).

Juniors: Animal Habitats – Your troop will find out more about where animals live, how they play, and how humans can help them!

Brownies: Hiker – Girls will learn how to plan and prepare for a hike, then hit the trail and take in some nature!

Daisies: Outdoor Art Maker – Explore the outdoors and use what you see and hear to make different kinds of art projects. Troop leaders may decide to save an overnight camping trip until girls are a little older. However, Daisies still have opportunities to explore the outdoors, even a trip to the park can teach them about the natural world around them!

Share this list with your troop and ask them to review the requirements, figuring out ways they could accomplish each step while at camp. All of the badges mentioned can be found on the Volunteer Toolkit!

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