Court of Awards



Court of Awards is a long-standing tradition which celebrates the achievements of girls who work hard earning badges, participating in troop events, and earning troop funds through the cookie program. This ceremony can also be a time to recognize co-leaders or troop parents who help enhance the girls’ troop experience. Leaders can hold Court of Awards any time of year, but it is often held in the spring, before troops break for the summer.

The agenda of this ceremony is fairly simple, consisting of an opening, award presentation, Girl Scout participation, and a closing. Openings often include a flag ceremony and the Girl Scout Promise and Law. During the award presentation, Girl Scouts may share what they learned during specific badges or projects, leaders might recognize the effort of fellow leaders or troop parents, and awards are then distributed. The girls of the troop may then perform a poem or sing a song. The final part of the Court of Awards is the closing, which may consist of a friendship circle or a short song, such as TAPS. Some leaders may choose to have light refreshments for everyone to enjoy at the end of the ceremony.

Work with girls to brainstorm the best ways to represent the troop and their experiences over the past year to make the ceremony more personal. Take time to rehearse, especially if girls plan to perform, so everyone feels comfortable and can enjoy the ceremony! Invite the girls’ families, giving parents a chance to hear what their girls have been working on all year, and give girls a chance to vocalize their achievements.

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