10 Reasons to Get Outdoors with Girl Scouts this Spring/Summer!


  1. It’s Girl-Led

Camp Kaufmann offers programming for every age-level, which means your troop can create their own adventures and Girl Scouts have plenty of opportunities to develop their leadership skills. Work with your troop to plan a trip to camp using this Trip Planning Tip Sheet.

2. Meet Girl Scouts from different boroughs

Learning, playing, and cooking with fellow Girl Scouts allows girls to develop cooperation and team building. Working together to gather kindle for a fire or supporting a fellow Girl Scout to make it to the top of the ropes course are perfect opportunities for girls to make meaningful connections.

3. Learn by doing

Girls can tackle an array of hands-on activities and challenge themselves to keep trying. Even if a Girl Scout isn’t quite Katniss Everdeen on the archery range, trying something and failing is vital to growth, and doing so in a safe space like camp is an important lesson in resilience.

4. Earn badges

Your troop can work towards an array of badges, including Naturalist, Camping, and the new Outdoor Badges. If your girls are ready for something bigger, your troop may be able to complete a Take Action project (a requirement for Journeys such as ‘Its Your Planet-Love It!’) at Camp Kaufmann!

5. Connect with Nature

Spending time outside has been shown to benefit developing kids, by reducing stress and increasing creativity and self-esteem. There is also growing evidence that children who spend time in nature are more likely to develop an interest in caring for our planet.

6.Try something new!

For many Girl Scouts in the city, a trip to Camp Kaufmann will be their first taste of camping. Luckily, Camp Kaufmann has been serving Girl Scouts for decades and can make sure your troop has a wonderful visit no matter what their experience level may be.

7. Get out of the city

GSGNY is the only 100% Urban Girl Scout Council in the entire country! Camp offers a respite from the city and gives girls and leaders a chance to connect with nature. A starry night at Camp Kaufmann is a treasure, especially when a New York City night sky is usually dotted with more flights out of LaGuardia than stars. 

8. Unplug

Being outside at camp promotes living in the moment–and off our phones. Girls have a chance to connect with each other face-to-face at camp. Leave the technology in the cabin and have your troop explore the natural world right in front of them.

9. Do better in school

Research shows that summer camp can help children retain a significant amount of what they learn during the school year. At camp girls learn skill-building and challenge themselves with novel experiences which fosters growth while they are off from school.

10. Archery, boating, hiking…

This list of adventurous activities are endless. Camp staffers are continuously working to offer these activities to the girls of GSGNY. Think your troop is ready for a stroll through the butterfly garden or a swim in the pool? Read on to find out how!

Get Outdoors Guide: The Get Outdoors Guide will give you all of our outdoor activities this Spring.

Check out the Summer Camp Brochure to learn more about all the ways your troop can have fun at camp this summer, including:

  1. Day Trips
  2. Theme Weekends
  3. Girl Only Weekends
  4. Summer Sleep Away Camp
  5. Troop Camping
  6. Urban Day Camp (location across NYC)

Please check out our events page to explore upcoming events at Camp Kaufmann and begin your camp adventure and join us for the Summer Camp Registration Launch on March 25th!

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